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Visit the Cooperative Cafe page to access video recordings of the seminar presentations, the Bring it Home Guide, nifty word clouds and more!



Folder: Sample Policies, Bylaws, and Readers   

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Patronage Dividend Primer.pdf
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CBLD Policy Template.docx
v. 081314 more...
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CBL101 Reader.pdf
2014-08-11 more...
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Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance - CG.pdf
Published in Cooperative Grocers Jan-Feb 2014 issue more...
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Participation - Own Use Serve and Belong.pdf
v.021114 more...
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LT Reader.pdf
Updated Jan. 2014 more...
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ICA Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade.pdf
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Fresh Start Bylaws Template.doc
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CBLD Startup Policy Template.doc
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Folder: Charts and Other Handy Aids   

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BoD Meeting Agenda Template.docx
v. 201410 more...
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Monitoring Report Decision Tree.pdf
v 1.5 9/6/2007 more...
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Credit Unions Co-ops Working Together CUNA WP.PDF
Oct. 19, 2012 more...
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BoD Annual Calendar Template.doc
July 2010 more...
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Board Leadership Illustrated.pdf
v0.61 more...
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Delegation to the GM Illustrated.pdf
v 1.2 1/18/2006 more...
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The Human Shuffle Activity.pdf
v 1.0 more...
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Whats the Headline Activity.pdf
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Time Scope.pdf
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Online Recorded Workshops


ORW Snippets




Field Guide

The Field Guide will develop as a topic-specific notebook-format and online resource for your board. Installments of The Field Guide will include a description of recommended practices and key discussion questions your board can use to reach its decision on the topic. References to resources for your further research will also be provided.

Your CBLD consultant can help you with any of these topics before and after the Field Guide resource is published.







Marilyn Scholl:  Modern Co-op History

speaks at NCGA Growth Conference, April 2013


Click here to watch the video online (13:54)

Michael Shuman

speaks at the Hanover Co-op, April 2008


Click here to watch the video online


Gar Alperovitz

speaks at Weaver's Way Co-op, April 2006


Click here to watch the video online


Hand in hand... 

A history of the Hanover Consumer Co-op


Click here to watch the video online

- or -

Click here to download the video (292MB)


the Rochdale Pioneers

Roots of the Cooperative Movement

Recorded for Roanoke Co-op by Todd Wallace, Jan. 2011


Click here to watch the video online

- or -

Click here to download the video (94MB)


The Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society Presents:

David Thompson on Toyohiko Kagawa

and Brotherhood Economics

Click here to watch the video online

- or -

Click here to download the video (166MB)


Listen or read NPR Presents: Cooperative Economy

Mari Gallagher presents

From Food Desert to Food Oasis:

How Co-ops Can Make a Difference


Click here to watch the video online


Recorded at CCMA, June 17, 2011

Brett Fairbairn presents

Keepin' It Real: Co-ops in Turbulent Times

Imagination & Alignment


Click here to watch the video online


Recorded at CCMA, June 18, 2011



Audio Clips


June 15, 2012


Rose Marie Klee, Board President

Wheatsville Food Co-op, Austin, TX


Listen Online!


June, 2012



David WooFrmr. Board President

Weaver's Way, Philadelphia, PA


Bill Gessner, Co-op Development Consultant

CDS Consulting Co-op


Listen Online!





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